✧ Hi! I am Paloma, born in southern Spain, in the most beautiful city ever – Granada. My family used to take me on trips since I was a baby, and that’s when my wanderlust developed (its all their fault!). I am a crazy animal-lover and I am at my happiest next to the ocean or in the midst of nature.

✧ Like everyone else, I was told to finish school, get a university degree, find a stable job, and just take no risks. But since I was a teenager I knew I wanted to see more of the world, and I wanted to be free. So during my university years, I managed to live, study and work in Italy and London for a couple months, plus take at least one big trip each year.

✧ After finishing university, I decided big cities were not for me, that I wanted to live in a warmer place close to the ocean. So I moved to Marbella, a small coastal city nested between mountains and the ocean.  I started working as a nurse, for 2 whole years. I was earning enough money to travel but I only had 4 weeks off a year (not consecutive though!). I was feeling trapped, unhappy and unfulfilled. Around April 2017, I decided to quit for good and start entrepreneuring. I did have to run on less money for quite a long time but I could manage my own time! 

✧ Traveling has always been my passion. I work, I save, so I can travel. So since I started traveling more and people started asking me for routes and recommendations, I decided to start this blog so you can find it all here!