Best hotels & resorts in Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Eleuthera is a small island located in The Bahamas, and it’s part of The Out Islands. It has grown to become one of the most well-known islands in the Bahamas, due to its natural beauty and sense of remoteness. From the endless pink and white sand beaches, to the rock pools, world-class diving and luxury marinas, there is a reason why celebrities are buying houses in Eleuthera: it is a true paradise. Discover the best hotels & resorts in Eleuthera, The Bahamas in this guide.

I visited Eleuthera as part of my 2 week trip through The Bahamas, in late December (in fact, we celebrated NYE in Eleuthera!). I fell in love with the island, it’s quiet and stunningly beautiful, and it was my favorite part of our vacation in The Bahamas. There are no crowds, no cruise ships, and definitely no busy nightlife, only a few boutique hotels, some restaurants and lots of beaches. Eleuthera is Bahamian lifestyle at its finest.

How to get to Eleuthera: there are 3 airports in Eleuthera: North Eleuthera Airport, Governor’s Harbour Airport & Rock Sound Airport. We landed in North Eleuthera Airport and departed from Governor’s Harbour Airport. Our flights from Nassau were around 100$ each way, and I used Skyscanner to find the best deals.

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Harbour Island was ranked “The Best Island in the Caribbean” by Travel & Leisure magazine in 2015. This island is so exclusive, so pristine and so unique that it has become a frequent destination for celebrities (the likes of Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz!), and millionaires. There are no cars on the island, so you can rent a golf buggy to move around. If you visit Harbour Island, expect stunning natural beauty, privacy from vacation crowds, lot of character and easy-going glamour, and an undeniable sense of calm & relaxation. Because of this, some of the best hotels & resorts in Eleuthera, The Bahamas can be found in Harbour Island.

How to get to Harbour Island: fly from Nassau to North Eleuthera Airport for around 100$ each way (I use Skyscanner to find the best rates). From the airport take a taxi or arrange your hotel to provide transport to the dock, which is just 5 minutes away by car. From there, take a boat taxi (5$ per person) to Harbour Island. The boat taxi departs every 30 minutes and takes around 15 minutes to arrive to Harbour Island main dock.


The Dunmore Hotel in Harbour Island is luxury at its finest. As one of the best hotels in Harbour Island, is located in the famous Pink Sand Beach. The boutique cottages have ocean views and the stunning 4-bedroom private residences are all beachfront, with a chic blue & wood decoration that perfectly emulates the island’s timeless style.

There is also a restaurant (open for breakfast, lunch & dinner), a pool & tennis court, as well as a Club House. The privacy & charm of this hotel in Harbour Island is unbeatable. The Dunmore Hotel can also arrange golf car rentals & activities for their guests: scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, sailing… there are endless options! You won’t regret staying at one of the best hotels in Harbour Island, Eleuthera.

Check here prices & availability for The Dunmore Hotel.


The Ocean View Club is a charming boutique hotel, located also on Pink Sand Beach in Harbour Island. They have 12 rooms, all facing the ocean. Just in front of the hotel they have set up some umbrellas and chaise lounges for guests to use, attended by some staff members who will bring you cocktails. There is a small restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch & dinner.

They pride themselves on being more than a hotel, like a second house for their guests. It’s a small family run hotel, with an exquisite eye for design and decor, set on an amazing location. It definitely is an unique accommodation in Harbour Island.

Check prices & availability for The Ocean View Club.


Bahama House Hotel is located in the heart of Dunmore Town, where guests can enjoy the freshwater pool & tiki bar in their courtyard. With just 11 rooms, Bahama House Hotels is close to popular restaurants and cultural spots. Also offers a variety of activities: fishing, snorkeling, cliff jumping… there is something for every taste.

The building and rooms are typical plantation style with vintage furniture, yet a modern feeling. Surrounded by palm trees, the indoor-outdoor lounge is perfect to chill at. Guest can make use of the water sports equipment (kayaks, paddle boards & snorkels) as well as bicycles and beach loungers. Bahama House Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Harbour Island.

Check rates & availability for Bahama House Hotel.


Eleuthera is a long thin island that stretches for 180km. Driving through its roads shows a constantly changing scenery – from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, to the deep blues of the Atlantic, one moment you will see beautiful white sand beaches and the next you will be surrounded by deep green bushes.

If you plan on staying in Eleuthera mainland, I recommend renting a car. There aren’t many tourist, so there aren’t many taxis either, and they are expensive (as everything else in The Bahamas). We rented a Jeep at the airport for 80$ a day (quite pricey too for a 1990 Jeep), and it was great to be able to discover secret beaches and make the most out of our days. If you are planning a trip to Eleuthera & The Bahamas, keep reading to know about the best hotels in Eleuthera.


If I had to choose the absolute best hotels in Eleuthera, The Bahamas it would be The Cove. Located in the Caribbean coast, nestled between two white sand beaches on a secluded spot surrounded by nothing but nature. This off-the-beaten-path hideaway will make you feel as if you have discovered your own private tropical island.

The Cove Hotel offers complimentary use of bikes, paddle boards, snorkels, kayaks and much more. The two private beaches have white pristine sand and turquoise waters, with lounges and umbrellas. There is a spa and a fitness center, oceanfront dining and open-air sunset bar. The infinity pool is just right by the bar with an extensive cocktail menu. Each of the rooms, suites & villas are modern and comfortable, and some of them even have a private pool!

Check rates & availability for The Cove Hotel Eleuthera.


La Bougainvillea is a small 5-rooms boutique hotel located in the Atlantic Coast of Eleuthera. There is a large outside bar and a pool, but what makes this hotel unique is the private pink sand beach where it sits on. Some of the rooms are ocean front with private pools and outdoor bathtubs. Since it’s so secluded, you probably won’t see other soul around the beach.

Imagine unforgettable sunrise walks by the beach, followed by an outdoor breakfast in the warm Atlantic breeze. The restaurant has a pizza oven (believe me, after a week in Eleuthera we couldn’t find a single place that did decent pizza), and is open for lunch & dinner too. The rooms are modern with big glass doors and lots of natural light. If you want your own private pink beach, La Bougainvillea is one of the best hotels in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Check rates & availability for La Bougainvillea Hotel.


Possibly the most glamorous campsite you’re ever going to see, The Other Side Hotel in Eleuthera redefines “glamping”. From the same owners as Ocean View Hotel in Harbour Island, the Other Side has a different feel. Completely secluded and remote, it’s for those luxury nomads that really want to disconnect. The best of it all: all power comes from the sun, so if you are looking for an eco-conscious hotel in The Bahamas this is the best one.

The tents have hardwood floors and the design reminds of Africa. The hotel sits on its own private beach surrounded by palm trees, and has a little restaurant (only for guests) that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a saltwater pool suspended above the ocean, and guest can make use of snorkels, paddle boards, buggies and even the Jeep. There are morning yoga sessions, after which you can swim and look for the turtles that frequent the area.

Check rates & availability for The Other Side Hotel in Eleuthera.


Sometimes when I travel I love having my own kitchen so we can cook our own food. So as a bonus tip, instead of the best hotels in Eleuthera I am going to mention the best Holiday Rentals in the island! It’s also worth saying that The Bahamas is a very expensive country. Not just restaurants are expensive, but also supermarkets. A bottle of milk was around 7.50$!

If you are traveling as a group in The Bahamas, renting a holiday home might be the best option. It’s cost effective, you have communal spaces and can do BBQs every night! Some of the holiday houses in The Bahamas come with kayaks, paddle boards or golf buggys that guests can use free of charge. Also your host will be willing to tell you tips about the area which can be very helpful if you want to find secret spots. This is just a small selection of houses I like, but I suggest looking at VRBO as they have an amazing selection of holiday rentals in Eleuthera that are perfect for couples, families or groups. Also if you plan on visiting Spanish Wells, there are some stunning houses for rent there very well priced.


If you are looking for a budget accommodation in North Eleuthera, while still have character and be well located, Driftwood Cottages are perfect for you. Located just across the bay from Harbour Island, the docks are a 3 minute walk away, where you can take the water taxi to Harbour Island. You don’t even need to rent a car. The rooms are clean & bright, in a very quiet area with lovely views.

Check prices & availability for Driftwood Cottages here.


I will leave a link for my favorite holiday rentals in Eleuthera Island, there are way too many and some of them are impressive! The best thing if you are a group is to rent a big house so you can cook and split costs.

This house in Palisades is amazing! Sits on a pink beach with stunning views and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, and is conveniently close to Governor’s Harbour town. Sleeps up to 12 people and is really budget friendly for a big group, while having a top-luxury accommodation in Eleuthera in an unbeatable location. If you’ve always dreamed of a private pink beach definitely this is the place to stay!

For a couple with a higher budget, I would choose Bird of Paradise Beachfront Cottages. This small cottage comes with a private infinity pool just on a beautiful pink sand beach and I can’t think of a more romantic getaway! It’s probably the most stunning holiday rental in Eleuthera I have seen for couples! I can imagine myself having a snack and a glass of wine in that pool with those stunning views.

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